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KONTOS TAX SERVICES IKE is the latest evolution of our tax office. We deal over thirty years with the whole range of legal issues and tax services in medium and large enterprises, namely : Organization Legal and Tax business arrangements contribute to the development of medium -sized family businesses in modern Legal forms and administrative structures, supervision and control of accounting departments to businesses headquarters.

Modern businessman assessing the real needs is defining the required qualifications, formal and substantive accountant-tax consultant-financial adviser, who will cover the specialized tax consultancy-accounting services required by the modern environment of the business. From our first steps in accounting and financial services, the basic principle and also qualification of the services we provide is the quality (excellent knowledge), responsibility (thorough and substantive) and over the years has added the experience.

Having a precondition our accurate knowledge, experience and responsibility that pervades us, we claim from our client a fair remuneration for the range of services they want and we are able to provide. We are simply saying to the customers – partners to take advantage of our cooperation is always in favor of mutual interest. The number of customers compared to employed people in our office is low, so have adequate quality time to fully meet customer needs, regular or not.

We have wisdom and we are not willing for the sake of increased disposable income to compromise and retreat from our principle “that every problem of our clients – partners is our own and every cent is worth mentioning”, since they respect and love everything that we have built with great effort so far. If you have driven in business you quality and responsibility and shall not seek discounts on these principles from the tax-economic adviser, human resources of kontosolutions has the readiness to offer excellent service to every professional effort to a volatile environment, unclear, with increased obligations legitimately create reflection in the modern business and every taxpayer.

In our office is at your disposal the detailed list of all our services, we invite you to inquire and to fully meet your needs responsibly and effectively. The first meeting of general interest and acquaintance is free. If you wish responsible answers to specific issues is based on time charges during the debate in the area you choose and which will offset our future cooperation fee.

About us

Our perception : customer-oriented

The customer we undertake we built from scratch the Accounting department
in order to have timely and accurate information.We do not assume anything, and we completing the work within the agreed timetable.


“ Our company is engaged to provide integrated services to fully serve the modern businessman. ”


Integrated accounting services that we provide ensure reliable accounting information.

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Aware of the tax changes we build the budget outturn particularly adapted to any business.

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Our advices and informations is always timely and accurate aiming to promote and realize the significant market opportunities.

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Our company is constantly next to anyone who needs an experienced tax adviser to monitor their cases and plan with them their tax future.

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“Our clients span a wide range of business Activities”


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“The success key of KONTOSOLUTIONS is our human resources. Our people are distinguished by a high level of education and training , their experience and the desire to communicate and serve the customer every time. View our principles and if you believe that you are our man will be glad to consider your resume.”

Ready to work hard.
Cooperation and communication skills
Analytical and critical way of thinking.
Interest for client and his problems during difficult times we live
Continuous effort for progress and development.

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