Kontos Accounting Solutions P.C. offers a variety of services to businesses of all sizes. Aware of the climate of ever-changing regulations, we provide timely and reliable information to our clients. We undertake for you, among other things:
• Initiations, conversions, modifications, mergers & splits of Companies, • bookkeeping of all categories, • drafting & signing Balance Sheets & Financial Statements, • update the minute’s books of the Board of Directors and General Assemblies • tax planning, • budgets and cash flows, • drawing up and signing all tax returns, • advice and opinions on tax provisions,
• special audits, finalization of pending tax cases, • organization and supervision of Accounting, • drafting of Corporate Charters, • services of General Commercial Registry - Publications, • representation to the Tax Authorities.
CFO services
In addition, we offer CFO services, which are a privilege for large companies. The objective of the services provided by the Financial Director is to organize, coordinate and control the actions that have a financial impact on the company and include, among others:
• Planning and drawing up a business plan. • Cash flow planning and cash flow management • Support and participation in corporate strategy matters such as starting, converting, acquiring, merging, and liquidating businesses.




Σχεδιασμό και σύνταξη επιχειρηματικού σχεδίου (business plan)




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Also, the labor sector requires very good knowledge and expertise in labor and insurance legislation. At Kontos Accounting Solutions P.C., the Payroll managers are among the most experienced in the market, with full knowledge of all labor and insurance matters. Choosing our office ensures you immediacy, efficiency, confidentiality, and full information on all changes that take place in labor and insurance legislation. The basic services are as follows:

  • Integrated management and issuance of payroll,
  • Recruitment, departures, dismissals,
  • Electronic submission of files to all services,
  • Online submission of monthly salary statements payroll taxes declaration,
  • Selection of personnel according to the needs of the business,
  • Employer registration in all insurance funds,
  • Issues concerning the company’s safety technician and safety doctor,
  • Working hours schedules and employee leave book.
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Υποστήριξη και συμμετοχή σε θέματα εταιρικής στρατηγικής όπως συστάσεις, μετατροπές,
εξαγορές, συγχωνεύσεις και εκκαθαρίσεις επιχειρήσεων.



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