Kontos Accounting Solutions P.C. is constantly at the side of individuals who need an experienced tax advisor. This advisor will responsibly monitor their affairs and plan their tax future with them. The main services we offer to individuals include:
• tax returns (E1) • lease statements (E2) • asset and funds-source declaration/Capital consumption, • declarations of foreign residents, • representation in public services and organizations, • preparation of E9 asset statement form, • electronic submission of declarations and requests to all public services,
• land registry declarations, • transfers of real estate, inheritances, and parental benefits. • Applications on all the new platforms for state allowances /aids (fuel pass, Social residential tariff, social tourism, heating allowance, child allowance, etc.)
We also undertake your transfer to the tax office of Foreign Residents, a process that has become much more complex compared to the past. If you have been a resident abroad for more than 183 days, you should transfer to the tax office of Foreign Residents in order not to be taxed in Greece on your worldwide income. In addition, for anyone unaware that they had to be transferred to the Foreign Residents Tax Office, it is possible to make the transfer, but with a retroactive effect.
Finally, in collaboration with specialized labor experts in the pension sector, our office undertakes the study and research for your pension, with the counting of your stamps, the foundation, and the calculation of the pension. You will receive an opinion from us, with which you gain full and clear knowledge of your insurance situation, the retirement conditions, the amount of pension you are entitled to, and in general the possibilities provided by the insurance legislation. On the one hand, this ensures establishing your pension as soon as possible, and on the other hand, improving your pension. Then, we proceed with the online application of the pension and its monitoring until the decision is issued.
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